How many millions of American’s are gearing up for Superbowl weekend? I’m sure more than I can imagine. This annual event is watched by all walks of people, usually crowded around a bowl of nachos, popcorn, and BBQ hotdogs and burgers. I find it interesting when my family and neighbors get together for this sporting event and completely don’t pay attention to the game – they are just there for the commercials and the halftime show. How odd is that?


Superbowl weekends were huge for my family when I was growing up. My dad owned his company, Roofers Wellington, so the weekend was his time to relax and kickback. My mom was a school teacher and enjoyed spending quality time with my dad, me and my three sisters. We were definitely a tom-boyish household who were dedicated Miami Dolphins fans, but we still could put our ballet slippers on afterwards and out dance anyone.


I enjoy having family and friends over to the household, however it can become stressful. If I ever thought hosting Thanksgiving was difficult, hosting Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years AND Superbowl weekend is unheard of. But we’re doing it. Here we are – hours of cleaning the house, prepping food, and driving ourselves crazy in the process. I honestly have no idea who’s going to win this weekend, but I’m going to enjoy the experience as it comes.