The last time I played tennis an actual tennis game was about 15 years ago. Since then, I’ve played other sports. Basketball, martial arts, and baseball have been very fun for me. It seems like playing tennis is an old memory to me. However, I would like that to change.

I remember playing tennis in elementary school. I believe I played in high school as well. When I played, it was usually in the school gym. The school gym was normally a basketball court. It was an empty room. However, the room could be converted to a tennis court!

They first brought the tennis net and laid it on the floor. That’s how you see how long it is, and if there is room for the net. Some gyms are large enough to have multiple tennis nets. My gym, being part of a larger school, was also larger.

A school gym can get wild. The games played during this class are regulated. But they aren’t official matches. Therefore, players can get rather rowdy. This could be, in part, if the crowd is rowdy as well. If the crowd wants a wild match they will cheer and shout things at the players. Tennis is not a contact sport, but it can get very aggressive!

While I haven’t played in a long time, I would like to play again soon. Tennis was a great part of my childhood and I have great memories of playing this sport. I also played racquetball, which is like a close cousin of tennis. One can find a racquetball court in many gyms. One can find a tennis court in just about every city, mostly found outside. A simple online search will be able to point the player in the right direction. I should hope to play soon!