To an outsider, playing tennis is nothing more than hitting the tennis ball back and forth. Swing! Run! Swing again! It seems almost hypnotic. The sound the ball makes after bouncing off the racket also becomes hypnotic. You can simply hear the power of the swing. You can also hear the air as it quickly travels through the tennis racket. It’s fairly amazing, even for the players to hear while they are playing. But tennis is more than just running back and forth and hitting the ball across the net. There has to be near perfect form on the court.

By this, I mean that there is a specific way the tennis player must hit the ball. There is also a specific way in which the tennis player must run back and forth. They aren’t simply running side by side. They are pivoting with their feet. Oh yes, now we are learning more. They more an outsider watches the game, the more they pick up on small factors of the play.

When the tennis player hit the ball, they are using a full range of motion to hit the ball. This gives them the greatest power so that the ball shoots across to the other side. The goal is for the ball to go so fast that the other player isn’t fast enough to catch the ball on the other side. But tennis players are fast. Over time, they learn how to move quickly. They learn how to read what the other player is about to do. They know how the other player will hit the ball. And they know what to expect, most of the time. Sure, the hitting player can try to trick the player on the other side. But if don’t are fast, it’s going to be a great game!