Yes, we are talking about tennis! Asking this question will likely garner more than a simple yes or no answer. Depending on who you ask, the question will develop into a conversation not only about tennis but sports in general.

If you to ask a tennis player this question they would likely say tennis is the best sport. This is common sense. A non-tennis player would likely say that tennis is not the best sport. This brings us to ask an important question. What does the best sport even mean? Does best mean which sport has the most players? Does best mean which sport burns the most calories? Does best mean which sport is the most popular to watch on television or in person? Perhaps best is a mix of all of the above.

There are many benefits to tennis. First of all, playing tennis burns a lot of calories. Unlike golf or baseball, the tennis player is constantly moving. Furthermore, every time the tennis player hits the ball, they must use a fierce energy. Tennis also assists in cardiovascular health. Aerobic exercise is known is help people live longer and healthier lives.

Another great thing about tennis is that people in all age ranges can play. It’s unlikely you’ll find someone who is 65 years old playing football. However, tennis is a common sport in retirements communities. Going the other way, someone who is 5 years old probably won’t be playing football either. That person who is 5, like the one who is 65, can play tennis.

Tennis is a sport is a low bar to entry. Many cities and community center have tennis courts available. Another thing, learning tennis is easy! All a player has to do is hit the ball over the net. With practice, it gets even easier. To learn more about why tennis is arguably the best sport, watch the video below.